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This is a new layout after 2 months of silence. Now try to find the navigation, I dare you :-----))) No other updates so far, but some ugly icons are on their way.


#e3d1cc & #d9d9d9

There's no logo and there won't be any, so you may stop refreshing the page now. I know what you're thinking: "Gosh, I'm not THAT blind! Did you actually make the font size 22px large?" Yes, I did. But were you ever expecting a usable layout from me? And yes, this is a bottom layout. It's at the bottom. I don't even think that anyone's gonna like this layout, but I'm quite content with it & at least it's something new. I'm so sick of the previous one that I'm gonna throw up. I'm gonna regret this tomorrow.
Ok, there's no updates so far, sorry. I'm just gonna leave a few old icons here just to fill the empty space. I know that all comments are probably gonna be negative, but I still would like to hear them. Go.
P.S. I've cleared up my affiliates and deleted the dead ones. Contact me if your site is still alive and I've deleted you. I'm open to affiliate now.


eternal p r o c r a s t i n a t i o n

Well, hello. Whoa, it's been so long. It's been too long. I just didn't have any time at all. I mean, at all. And I'm still desperately trying to make a new layout but it turns out really lame. Ok, I'm running out of excuses.
I haven't brought much goodies with me. There's only a few icons and a bit of something lame more. Don't bite me. I've created a new page with signatures. I've also noticed that my style is changing. I don't like it, but I can't control it. Ok, I hope that all of the 0 people who actually visit my site like my updates.
Updates are at the bottom of each page

a bit of something more
and more


me getting overly emotional

I don't know how to start this post, so I'll start right away: ETERNAL CARNIVAL TURNED 5 YEARS TODAY! Can you believe it? Because I can't! It's a little jubilee! Yay, free imaginary champagne for everyone. Another two years and my site will go to school. And noooow I'm gonna make a long boring speech like your grandma.
First of all, I'm sorry. I was planning to bring a new perfect layout with me, but I didn't. I don't have time for anything.
Secondly, you won't ever shut me up let's not talk about more and more artsites getting closed. Let's talk about something positive. Ahem... Hmm... Mmm... Umm... Is there actually anything positive about artsites' decay?..
Why am I still here? Why do I keep editing other people's photos? I don't know anymore. I just... I just c a n ' t s t o p. I'm so used to Eternal Carnival. I can't give it up. I need some place where I can store my so-called "artworks". And that's why it's Eternal. I think sometime later I'm gonna celebrate the site's 70 birthday. I can't stop. I won't stop. Wait, why is there a Miley Cyrus song playing in the background?
Thirdly, I feel like I'm writing an essay on how to waste 5 years of your life on literally nothing I'd like to thank all of you. Thank you for leaving comments. Thank you for appreciating my artworks. Thank you for reading this. Thank you for staying here. Thanks to all of my twitter friends whom I met through artsites. I wouldn't be here without you. @incredibleowl, @Litlle_Spies, @cevanie, @tas_sy, @alexaeclipce, @auburnvulture, @freneticman, @iAmBess, @xxmystery_, @fatcatss, @_nastjenjka100, @miss__at, @ThnxGodIamVamp, @dashaleks, @ghiaccio, oh yeah, that was long.
Ok, that's the end of the grandma's speech, here go boring links:
Do I need to always add that the updates are at the bottom of each page

best icons of 2013-2014, as usual
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