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Collage battle

Recently I've organised a weird collage battle with my twitter gang. I myself often make collages using a method called "open three totally random images in a folder and burn in agony while trying to make a collage out of them". So an idea came to my mind: I give you three totally incompatible images and you try to make a serious collage out of them. The rules are simple: all three images must be visible, all the rest is a matter of fantasy. The collage might be any size you want. You may also add any other textures and images.
Sooo I've sugested this to my loyal twitter gang. 4 people messaged me, and that's not bad at all. I myself have made a collage too. It was really cool to try. It also was really interesting to look at other participants' works. You can view the original images and the actual participants' works below.

The original images (they were really just in a row in my folder, the proof is here):

So, here are the participants' works.
Let's start with my collage. Click on the preview to enlarge:

Sasha's work:

Nelly's work:

Nastya's work:

Dasha's work:

P.S. Some other people wanted to take part in this battle, but couldn't do that because of different reasons. I hope they will join us next time another crazy idea forms in my head. Thank you all for participating, it was really fab c;