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Eternal Carnival turned 5 years on 3 March 2014. The site has changed its hosting 4 times, the main direction 2 times and the title a few times. A long, long time ago in 2008 my friend told me about ucoz, a free site hosting. I suppose every 12-year-old girl would be interested in this. That's how "The site about cats..." (this was its title) was born. And it still exists, but you probably won't understand a thing, because it's in some weird language called Russian. I don't give a shit about the standart layout and loads of spam. It was my first freaking site ever.
Then I changed the hosting to narod.yandex.ru and started making my own shitty layouts and graphics. It happened on the 3th of March, 2009. This date counts as the birth date of this site. And now I'm just going to list some boring dates just for history.
On 13 June 2010 I changed my hosting to the one with php.
On 12 June 2011 I changed my hosting once again, because the old one was lagging.
On 15 January 2012 I changed my hosting for the fourth time, because I wasn't really content with the previous one.
At the beginning of January 2014 I translated my site in English.

The progress.
The first layout ever (clickable):

And here is the comparison of the site's layouts through the years.

My first icon ever and the newest one.

My best icons of 2013-2014, of 2012-2013, of 2011-2012 and of 2010-2011.

The first post ever which was written on the 5th of March, 2009.
in Russian:
"Ну, позавчера был создан этот сайт))Я добавила 28 статей с того сайта (я же переношу со старого). Поработала над дизайном. Появились новости, как видите))"
English translation:
"Well, this site was created two days ago))I've added 28 articles from my previous site (see, I've been moving everything from my previous site). I've worked on the layout. The updates module has appeared on my site, as you can see))"